Michael Li

Michael Li, BBA, CFP, CIM, FCSI

Financial Consultant 金融顾问
Coastal Community Credit Union
Investment Advisor
Aviso Wealth

Michael is a man with a mission: to make financial planning as easy and stress free as possible for his clients.

For many people, talking about their finances can feel overwhelming. Changing that perception of financial planning was the reason Michael got into the industry. “I have a passion for investment, and I love sharing my knowledge in easy to understand terms. I treat my clients the same way I would treat my family or friends if they came to me,” he says. “Nothing feels better than knowing clients leave my office feeling like they can sleep at night because their finances are well taken of—that brings me joy.”

Michael, who holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Vancouver Island University, is well versed in answering questions about investment options like GICs and fixed income mutual funds and equities, but he says the question he gets asked most is simple: “What would you do?”

Before he can answer that question, Michael knows he has to build a full financial picture of his client—starting with assets, liabilities and investment knowledge, but also asking about goals, expectations, concerns and dreams. Only after understanding what success means to that person does Michael offer a personalized recommendation on how to achieve it.

Born in China, Michael moved to Nanaimo in 2011. He and his wife and daughter take full advantage of the many outdoor activities offered by our beautiful island. Michael is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.


对于许多人来说,谈论他们的财务状况可能会让人不知所措。改变对财务规划的看法是迈克尔进入这个行业的原因。 “我对投资充满热情,喜欢用通俗易懂的语言分享我的知识。我对待我的客户就像对待我的家人或朋友一样,他说: “知道客户满意,对财务放心,未来有信心,这给我带来了很多的快乐和成就感。”



迈克尔出生在中国,2011 年定居纳奈莫。他和他的妻子和孩子热爱我们美丽的岛屿和各种户外活动,皮划艇、冲浪、徒步旅行、露营和骑自行车等。迈克尔同样致力于志愿服务。除了是温哥华岛商科学生协会的成员外,他还对青年教育项目和向所有人提供金融知识研讨会非常感兴趣。


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