Protect What Matters

Planning for the “what if?”

Having the right insurance protection can make a big difference in your life and the lives of those close to you. A properly constructed insurance plan can mean the difference between leaving your family financially secure or with unwanted debt that may last for years.

Choosing a Solution

Our lives change over time and so does our need for insurance. Whether you have a young family, are starting a new career, getting your first mortgage, or want to leave a legacy to your family, a Wealth Protection Specialist can help you choose a solution that’s right for you.

Reviewing your insurance plan with a professional at least every 2 years or whenever you experience a major life event, may not only save you money but will protect your assets and family from financial hardship when it is needed the most.

Retired couple meeting with an advisor

Ask the Right Questions

Some of the most common questions clients ask about insurance protection include:

  • What kind of insurance do I need?
  • Why do I need life insurance in addition to what I already have in place at work or with another financial institution?
  • How much do I really need?
Life Insurance
  • Life insurance can protect the financial security of the people you love by providing a tax-free payment to your beneficiaries. The amount of coverage you choose and type of insurance you buy should be based on your circumstances and needs.
  • While you may have basic life insurance through work, the coverage may not meet your needs and typically ends when you leave your employer. The cost of individually purchased life insurance depends on your age, gender, health, medical history and lifestyle.
  • Would your loved ones be financially impacted if something happened to you? If the answer is yes, then you should consider how life insurance can give them the protection they need.
Accident & Sickness Insurance
  • For many people, losing just one pay cheque can be difficult, but when accident or illness keeps you from working for an extended period of time, difficulty can turn into disaster.
  • Without short term disability insurance or coverage for a critical illness, families can be forced to cut back on even the basics, like food, clothing, transportation and housing.
  • While the timing is out of your control, you can control how this affects your family financially.
  • We believe everyone should have the opportunity to obtain a supplemental health insurance policy to help fill the gaps and help cover the costs related to recovery from major illnesses or injuries that are not covered by other insurance.
Critical Illness Insurance
  • Critical illness cover is a type of life insurance policy that offers protection in the event of a serious illness or injury.
  • If you’re diagnosed with an illness that your policy covers, you’ll usually receive a tax-free, one-off payment. This will help to support the change to your life and ease the financial concerns that may come from it. It may be as simple as paying off your mortgage, covering any loss of earnings, or perhaps making necessary adjustments to your home. If you have dependants at home, the money from your policy will lighten the financial burden placed on your family
Health & Dental
  • Looking for health insurance to cover prescription drugs, dental care, extended health care or a combination of all three? gives you a variety of plans to choose from, each offering varying levels of protection, so you’ll pay only for the coverage you really want and need.
  • If you are leaving an employer, there are benefit plans specifically designed for those whose employee health benefits are ending, who are concerned that their age or health issues may make it difficult to obtain affordable health and dental insurance.
Travel Medical Insurance*
  • Accidents can happen anywhere. When you travel outside BC, protect yourself from the risk of having to pay crippling medical costs with Travel Medical Insurance from Coastal Community Insurance Services (2007) Ltd. If you’re heading off on a vacation or making a quick business trip, we offer comprehensive travel insurance that will cover what your provincial plan won’t. Click here for more and information and obtain a quote.
Home, Auto, Insurance*

*Home, vehicle, marine and travel insurance services provided through Coastal Community Insurance Services (2007) Ltd.

All insurance products are subject to the limitations, terms and conditions in the applicable policy or insurance contract in force at the time of purchase or enrollment and applicable legislation. The products sold through Coastal Community Financial Management Inc. are not guaranteed or insured by a deposit insurer.

Coastal Community Private Wealth Group is a division of Coastal Community Financial Management Inc., which is a subsidiary of Coastal Community Credit Union. Coastal Community Financial Management Inc. is a licensed life insurance agency offering financial planning, life insurance and investments.

Tamara Carter

Wealth Protection Specialist
Coastal Community Private Wealth Group

Tamara has a deep desire to help families prepare for their future.

Tamara joined Coastal Community Private Wealth Group after seven years focusing on Financial Planning and Protection solutions in the financial industry. She found that our organizational values paired well with her passion to help people make important decisions and increase financial literacy. Tamara has a helpful and client focused approach and enjoys collaborating to find unique solutions to fit every family and budget. A favourite part of her job is meeting with families and hearing their unique stories.