Our Difference

We Are Committed to Helping Our Clients

Our people support you with their coordinated efforts and confident execution. In everything we do, our commitment to helping you is evident.

We want to make life easier and more comfortable for you to make the most of the opportunities your wealth provides for you and your family.

While remaining your primary point of contact your Private Wealth Advisor is able to draw upon the extended support of a broad range of island-based experts as well as a team of professionals from our Canadian and global partners. By tapping into this wide variety of specialists we are able to provide you with an unparalleled, innovative range of products and services. This enables us to implement a comprehensive wealth plan that provides sophisticated solutions to address your needs today – and help you create the path to a better future.

While corporately based and deeply rooted on Vancouver Island, our reach far extends our local shores. And instead of having to deal with multiple service providers, should you require the specialized services of an estate planning expert, an insurance expert for your valued possessions, or a commercial or retail banker, those experts are also included as part of your financial team.