Hosted by NEI Investments, this new webinar series titled More than Markets focuses on the latest forces moving the markets and key developments in responsible investing. NEI Investments is Canada’s leader in Responsible Investment funds and portfolios, and is part of Aviso Wealth. Our credit union partners with Aviso Wealth to deliver wealth management services to our members. These bi-weekly webinars provide regular access to the views of the experts at NEI.

You can listen to the recording here and review the highlights below.

Key points from the webinar:
  • U.S. inflation is higher than expected, but NEI’s analysis indicates this may not be a longer term trend that by itself would affect interest rates and quantitative easing in the short run.
  • Economic reopenings may have caused recent inflation increases, suggesting that recent data could be more transitory rather than reflecting more persistently high inflation levels.
  • NEI’s investment team believes bond market activity reflects the transitory view, with U.S. 10-year Treasury yields spiking on inflation concerns but then settling back.
  • The U.S. Federal Reserve and markets appear to agree that recently high inflation is transitory, not longer term, with the central bank not yet moving toward reducing quantitative easing.
  • In addition to agreeing to a corporate minimum tax, leaders and policymakers at the G7 Summit outlined a bold agenda to tackle climate change, economic growth and other critical issues.
  • G7 policymakers indicated future policy moves, like setting interest rates, will take economic inequality into consideration.
  • NEI’s investment team believes the G7’s call to “green” the global financial system represents significant progress toward climate change factoring into future economic decision making.
  • NEI’s investment team believes investors are increasingly expecting better disclosures from responsible investing product providers on the positive impact of their investments.
  • Advisors can assess the quality of an RI firm through the degree of regularity and transparency of its reporting and its RI commitment.