Group Benefits Programs

Attract and retain quality staff

Regardless of the size of your company, implementing a group benefits program is an excellent way to succeed in today’s marketplace by recruiting the best employees and showing your staff that you appreciate their efforts.

How group benefits help your company

When your company offers a group benefits program, you demonstrate to staff that you care about their health and welfare, and you strengthen your business. A group life and health plan can help your company by:

  • Attracting high-quality employees – many qualified candidates only pursue jobs that have a benefit program
  • Boosting morale and increasing company loyalty
  • Minimizing turnover costs with increased staff retention
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Benefits to Consider

You can choose a set benefits program or customize a plan to meet your specific needs. Following are the common benefits to consider.

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects an employee’s beneficiary in the event of their death. Coverage may be a set insurance amount or a multiple of the employee’s annual salary.

Dependent Life

Dependent Life insurance benefits make the employee the beneficiary in the event of a spouse or dependent child’s death.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance covers the consequences of an accident, including but not limited to death, loss of limb, paralysis, and loss of hearing, sight or speech.

Short and Long Term Disability

Short and Long Term Disability insurance replace a percentage of income if an employee cannot work for a period due to an illness or injury. Many providers offer resources and support to help employees on disability return to work sooner.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance helps protect an employee’s health and financial situation when diagnosed with a serious illness or medical condition such as cancer, stroke or heart attack.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance covers common preventative care such as checkups and cleanings, and restorative services such as fillings and crowns. Plan options may also cover oral surgery, orthodontics and more.

Extended Health Care

Extended Health Care insurance covers medical expenses not covered by provincial plans such as vision care, hospital rooms, massage therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists. Prescription drug coverage is often included under this benefit. Travel medical coverage may also be included.

Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance programs provide confidential counseling services to your employees and their families when they need professional assistance dealing with personal, family or work-related issues.

Group Savings Plans

Find simple, affordable, and easy-to-manage workplace savings plans, or customize a plan to meet your plan members’ needs.

  • Help your plan members become financially prepared for retirement
  • Get help attracting and retaining the right talent, and improving your employees’ engagement

Health Spending

Health Spending accounts allow for an annual amount to reimburse employees for a wide range of medical services and health-related expenses not covered elsewhere under the basic plan.

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