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High-net-worth individuals and their families face complicated financial decisions requiring sophisticated advice and solutions, which our Private Wealth Advisors have the knowledge and experience to deliver.

Colin Duncanson, BA, CFP, FMA, FCSI

Private Wealth Advisor

Colin Duncanson

Colin was 18 years old when he met his first investment advisor. That advisor put together a plan that ended up paying for Colin’s university education, a bachelor’s degree in Economics. After seeing how solid advice could pay off, he knew he wanted to help people in the same way.

Colin has been with Coastal Community for the last 20 years, helping clients achieve that “light bulb moment” when they realize that, with a little help from their financial plan, their dreams have become a reality. Read More…

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Tom Derkach, CFP, FMA

Private Wealth Advisor

Tom Derkach

Tom’s career in the financial services industry began at Coastal Community in 1996, starting in member services, before joining the wealth management division. He has been working as a Wealth Advisor and Certified Financial Planner for the past 16 years.

Specializing in retirement income planning, portfolio management, and tax and estate planning, Tom is passionate about developing strategies that provide financial security through all stages of life. Read More…

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Ian Morris, BBA, CFP

Private Wealth Advisor

Ian Morris

Ian is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals. He is most rewarded in his career when the service he provides to clients makes a meaningful difference in their lives.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Simon Fraser University, Ian moved back home to Vancouver Island and started work with Coastal Community. Read More…

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Shawn Heidema, BBA, CFP

Private Wealth Advisor

Shawn Heidema

Shawn’s approach to financial planning begins and ends with his clients’ best interest in mind.

He fosters long term relationships with his clients founded on trust, integrity and respect. In an industry full of confusing jargon and frustrating complexity, Shawn’s fresh and simple approach to his practice brings peace of mind. Working together with a team of experts, Shawn is able to offer clients a holistic planning experience designed to harmonize each area of their financial lives in an unbiased and relaxed environment. Read More…

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Matt Beckett, CFP, BCom, CIM

Private Wealth Advisor

Matthew Beckett

Matt started his career with Coastal Community in 2004 and joined the wealth management team shortly after. He is now a Private Wealth Advisor, where his expertise lies in financial planning with personal and business clients.

The moments Matt most appreciates are the ones that make a difference in his client’s lives. When Matt assures clients they can retire comfortably and watches the weight lift off their shoulders, he feels great pride in their accomplishments. His goal is to help clients be crystal clear on their objectives so they can make great financial decisions. Read More…

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Paul Roberts, CFP, FMA, FCSI

Private Wealth Advisor

Paul Roberts

Paul takes the complexity out of planning for the future by educating his clients and helping them to realize their goals through establishing and sticking to a financial plan.

Paul recognizes that many people feel anxiety around their financial affairs, particularly whether their hard earned savings will be enough to provide them income for their lifetime. Paul enjoys reassuring and patiently guiding clients through their life stages. He has been helping people in the investment industry since 1997 and has been with Coastal Community for nearly 10 years. Read More…

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Karen Maika, CFP

Private Wealth Advisor

Karen Maika

Karen’s highest priority is putting her clients first and helping them achieve success, whatever that looks like to them.

With extensive knowledge of the investment and insurance industry, Karen began putting her skills to good use in 2004 when she joined Coastal Community. As a Private Wealth Advisor working with individuals, small business owners and corporations, helping clients realize dreams is what she does best. Read More…

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Tom Schoenewolf, CFP, FMA, FCSI

Private Wealth Advisor

Tom Schoenewolf

Tom began his career in the Wealth Management industry 23 years ago, as an independent Insurance Consultant. Five years later, he found his passion as an Investment Advisor and has been with Coastal Community for the past 18 years.

Tom finds great joy in helping clients transition through their many life stages. He finds ways to simplify complex financial matters and takes pride in guiding clients through the decision making process. Tom especially enjoys caring for retirees. Read More…

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