Caregiver Support Program

Helping Your Family, Friends and Associates

What is the Caregiver Support Program?

Designed to meet the needs of primary caregivers of financially dependent family members, the program creates peace of mind through the knowledge that dependents will be cared for, even after the caregiver is no longer able to provide the necessary support.

We help you, your family, friends or associates who:

  • Are primary caregivers to financially dependent family members.
  • Have a genuine concern for the long term care of their disabled dependent(s).
  • Wish to work with a professional firm to develop long term strategies for both the caregiver and their loved ones.

How Can We Help?

  1. Starting with a 45 minute meeting, at no cost or obligation, with one of our specialists, we will work together to determine if this program would benefit you and your financially dependent family member. If it does;
  2. A second meeting will be set up to review all aspects of your (the caregiver) and your dependent’s goals and current situation. This information is analyzed fully to understand the situation and provide the basis for suitable solutions.
  3. At the third meeting, recommendations and options are explained so you are in a position to make an informed decision.

Please Note: There are no upfront costs for this service, only your time. However, if professional fees such as legal, accounting or trustee fees are expected all costs will be fully reviewed and agreed upon by you prior to being implemented.

Our Team of Experts

Coastal Community Private Wealth Group™ has been advising clients for over 20 years in areas specializing in Retirement Planning, Investment Management and Estate Planning; especially when it comes to disabled financial dependents. Through our experience, we are able to provide the real value we bring to you and your family through peace of mind as caregivers of disabled financial dependents.

Working with us to ensure your plan is complete, is a team of legal and trust experts:

Based in western Canada, Concentra Trust has been delivering estate and trust services to credit unions nationwide for over 60 years. They possess the same powers as other national executors and trustees but have the heart and soul of a co-operative. Above all, Concentra is in the business of helping others. Their teams of professionals are experts in dealing with estates of any size or complexity and are committed to providing exceptional service.